1927 The CNR is given the task of providing scientific and technical Italian bibliography (R.D.L. 31.3.1927, n. 638). The institution provides instituting their own scientific documentation center and library. In turn, every few months, the library assumes the role of custodian central library after R.D.L. 23.10.1927, n. 2105 (converted into law 20.5.1928, n. 1347) that establishes with regard to the legal deposit obligation CNR of scientific and technical publications produced in Italy.

1936 Construction of the new headquarters of the National Research Council and the Library.

1939 1st Library Regulations (Decree of the Head of State on 12th April 1939).

1945 The D.L.L. of 1st March 1945 n. 82 confirms the role of the library in preservation and dissemination of scientific information.

1961 The project is started for the construction of a new library deposit, the "book tower", which is spread over 14 floors.                                                                                 1976 Expansion of spaces for users of the Library with new reading rooms.

1985 The Library becomes National reference Center for coordination in Europe of grey literature.

1987 It approved 'the New Central Library Rules' (7 October 1987 Prime Minister's Decree n. 475).

1990 The Library becomes Italian Reference Center of the National Technical Information Service.

1991 Following an agreement entered with the Directorate General for Information, Communication and Culture of the European Commission the Central Library becomes the trustee of the Commission of the European Union.

1995 On 7th April 1995, the Central Library of the CNR is dedicated to Guglielmo Marconi.

2004 The Law 106/2004, article 6, confirms the legal deposit requirement in respect of the CNR Central Library.

2005 Starting from 1st November 2005 at the Library operates the Italian ISSN Center (International Standard Serial Number).

2006 After a new document of agreement with the Directorate General for Information, Communication and Culture of the European Commission, the Central Library becomes European Documentation Center  (EDC).

2006 The new regulations on legal deposit (Presidential Decree 252/2006, articles 13 and 42) governs the manner also with respect to the CNR Central Library.

2009 It participates in the celebrations for the centenary of the Nobel Prize to Guglielmo Marconi.

2011 The DG of CNR institutes the "Permanent Coordination Committee for the management of the libraries of the National Research Council" (Provv. DG CNR 19/01/2011 prot. 0004868).

2013 It is partner in the project 'Science and Technology Digital Library - S & TDL' - made by the Structure Networks and Information Systems of the CNR.
2015. It finished in first place at the CNR's Award for Innovation. 2015 Edition ' with the project ' CNR Biblio APP '.

2016 A new Convention is signed with ACNP that reactivates a historic collaboration between CNR and University of Bologna for national collective catalogue of serials.

2017 It joined the National Library Service (SBN), collaborating with INGV in the creation of the "Sciences Pole".

So said Guglielmo Marconi about the Library of the National Research Council, "The National Research Council carries out its action not only with experimental research: it was concerned to create some services the lack of which in Italy was a source of weakness for our economic organization and for scientific and industrial progress of our country ... It was established and has already begun its operation in Rome the National Center for Technical Information. Such information, even with heavy use of photographic reproduction, can be sent to interested parties who request it. The importance of this publication is truly remarkable, especially from abroad have received numerous expressions of praise and repeated requests that show how powerful this work is appreciated with the participation of all committees of the National Research Council. With the publication of Bibliography was also possible to combine the truly complete collection of all the magazines that are published in Italy, a collection that is not found in any of our libraries ... "(La Ricerca scientifica, year III , 2, n.9 -10 , November 1932).

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