Procurement policy

The procurement policy of the library ensures:

  • the "archival" and documentary function of the Library through the preservation of publications that testify to the institutional and scientific life of the institution through the collection of its bibliographic production;
  • constant updating and depth of the heritage of specialist literature directly related to the research activities of the scientific community inside the local authority; also ensures the updating of base of the same assets in relation to the research activities of the Italian scientific community outside the institution, particularly those disciplines that mostly appear in relief for the needs of the CNR or related to its areas of interest ;
  • the presence and updating of general directories and other basic texts of science and technology;

  • the presence and updating of general directories, or bibliographic information essential for research and studies related to disciplines not strictly related to the areas of interest of the CNR, or general

The library acquires bibliographic materials through the following administrative rules:

  • Purchase: works chosen and purchased by the Library;
  • Legal Deposit: selected works and requests from the Library according to the provisions of Law 106/2004, art. 6, under the Legal Deposit request.
  • CNR Publications: works in two copies, published in any way by the CNR or by the production, printing, grant, sponsored by the National Research Council has participated in any capacity (Library Regulations, Art. 2, paragraph a).
  • Gift / Tribute: works not included in the previous categories, which come to the library at no charge. The Library receives gifts, bequests and donations of bibliographical or documentary material that the Library subject them to the acceptance criteria of general acquisition or selection (see Selection Criteria), and also evaluating previously the availability of its spaces and the suitability of the conservation status of the material . The acquisitions of entire collections are approved by the Library Director.



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