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The catalogue of monographs of the Central Library collects approximately 220,000 cataloguing descriptions of works on scientific research, the history of scientific thought and publications edited by CNR or financed with its contribution.

Since 1963 also socio-humanistic disciplines are represented in the catalogue to support the needs of consulting national committees of the National Research Council.

The growth of documentary heritage, as well as the CNR publications, derives from the selection of the material received at the library through legal deposit, purchase of foreign publications, exchanges and donations from organizations and individuals.

In the current catalogue of monographs, in addition to the works and EU documents, are present, as a result of the overflow of paper charts in the framework of the project "Enhancement of the technical and scientific heritage" launched in 2006, various types of document tabs received in the library in the period 1927-1988 ca.

This particular collection, called initially “Historical Archive”, merged in the archive monographs and  kept available at capital level under the name ”Historic”, collects, ever since it was set up, various types of documents, monographs, collections of technical reports, internal reports, reports of committees, Miscellanies and other such further evidence of the wealth of contributions that has always characterized the purpose of the library, also in view of the multiplicity of exchanges between institutions and fervor of the research during the period before and after the war.

The bibliographic references to these types of unconventional, non-distributed commercially documentation, have subsequently been collected in the directory of "grey literature" produced in Europe, enabling the Library ' g. Marconi ' to preserve the role of the National Centre of reference for Italian grey literature.

The catalogue contains:

  • Historical Archive
  • Current monographs
  • Monographs of the European Union (EU)

The historical archive contains the paper charts of the books received in the library in the period 1927 - 1988 ca., and are characterized primarily by the use of the Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Current monographs and those of the EU receive a cataloguing / semantic treatment and have the number of the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) depending on their discipline.

EU documents, marked by the signature EC and also the EU Official Publications Office classification, are arranged on open shelves at the EDC Room.


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