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CNR SOLAR (Scientific Open-access Literature Archive and Repository) is a database of scientific publications aimed to create an archive of Italian products of science and research making use of the legal deposit of publications in digital format.

As part of the mission entrusted to the Central Library of the CNR (Law 15 April 2004, n. 106, Decree of the President of the Republic May 3, 2006, 252, Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 7 October 1987, n. 475), the legal deposit is designed to establish the archive of the Italian scientific publishing, and achieve national bibliographic services information and access to documents subject to legal deposit.

To help achieve these objectives, the Legal Deposit refers specifically to:

- Collection and storage of documents of scientific interest;

- Production and dissemination of national bibliographic services;

- Consultation and availability of the documents, in compliance with copyright and related rights.

To "scientific publications", otherwise called "scientific work", are mainly the following types of digital items: magazines, articles / postprint, preprints, books, chapters of books, editions of books or proceeding, speeches at conferences / seminars, date -set, databases, technical reports, research reports, doctoral theses, patent literature, maps, etc.

The Legal deposit is a tool intended for authors who deposit their works in digital format and is also an opportunity for the institutions, bodies producers and publishers to enhance its scientific output through the certification of the deposit, the quality of bibliographic data , the unique identification and permanent storage.

The Legal deposit in SOLAR is accomplished through:

- self-archiving by the author / authors, must take steps to ensure that the actual conditions of use and dissemination of the version of the work deposited, previously agreed with the publisher and / or issuing organization;

- specific agreements between the Central Library of the CNR and the publisher and / or the issuing organization of publications. In this case, the deposit may be made by the Central Library itself or by the publisher / producer organization.

The Central Library of the CNR can bargain with publishers / entities producers how to access, use and dissemination of the works deposited in SOLAR, making use of previous creative common license type and using tools such as SherpaRomeo.

The documents filed in SOLAR can be open access (availability of the full text) or with limited access, which means that the metadata are still accessible, while for the full text of the work should contact the Central Library of the CNR.

SOLAR collects scientific works in digital format that have the following requirements

- must be deposited directly by the author / I, alternatively, they can be deposited by the Central Library of the CNR or the publisher / producer organization on the basis of specific agreements;

- for the work unpublished or not yet evaluated editorially / institutional (preprints, working papers, project report etc.) Must be completed, by the depositor, the "declaration of originality and authenticity of the work object of legal deposit ", to allow deposition. That declaration, completed in all its part, should be sent, together with a copy of an identity document valid at the following fax number: +39 06 4993 3858.

- the work must be provided in an open standard format compatible with the processes of digital preservation (PDF-PDF / A, JPEG, OpenDocument Format-ODF, XML, etc.)

In view of the Legal deposit is released to the author / editor I / body manufacturer, a certificate for:

- Identification of the work in terms of references;

- possible reuse of data in SOLAR from other type of databases like management, statistical, etc .;

- filing date;

- measures implemented for the conservation work;

- exploitation of the work in terms of impact, also due to the participation of CNR in national and international initiatives in the promotion, enhancement and dissemination of research results.

For some publications, as described above, the descriptive metadata and abstracts are only accessible. Their full text are available at the Central Library.

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