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Catalogues and repository

“Polo delle Scienze” Catalogue

The "Polo delle Scienze" of the National Library Service (Polo EVE-SBN) was established in October 2016 (Cnr prot.n. 0069818 of 20/10/016) following an agreement between the central libraries of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e vulcanologia (INGV) and the National Research Council (CNR), which keeps records. The Polo allows the consultation of the bibliographic and documentary heritage of libraries that are part of it and develops innovative services for its own scientific network and for the whole nation.

Since 2017, the Polo delle Scienze uses the Sebina Next application software developed by Data Management. For the management and development of library services, Polo partners have formed a "Management Committee" e linkare “Management Committee”;

Collective Catalogue of the Library System of the National Research Council

The Collective Catalogue CAT@logo allows users to access with efficient and easy search mode both library materials owned by the participating libraries or at any on-line resources administered centrally. It is possible to also access information resources and to loan services, document delivery, reservation and collection books and periodicals.
They are bibliographic heritage of the CNR (Art.1 of the Prime Minister's Decree 475 of 7 October 1987):

  1. book collections kept at the central library;
  2. existing specialized collections gathered from research organizations, services or other scientific initiatives of the CNR;
  3. publications acquired as part of the activities carried out through contracts and research grants, finalised projects or other scientific and technical initiatives of the CNR.

it is possible to also access the bibliographic records owned by the European Documentation Centre.


Repository CNR-SOLAR (Open-Access Scientific Literature Archive and Repository):

SOLAR is a database of scientific publications, designed to create an archive of Italian products of science and research making use of the legal deposit of publications in digital format.

 European Repository OpenGREY (System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe), managed by INIST-CNRS. The Gray Literature regards non-conventional documentation (York, 1978) and not available through normal commercial channels (preprints, technical and research reports, official documents, dissertations and PhD, conference proceedings, statistics, bibliographies, etc.). The data base is part of the European network OpenGrey (System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe) edited by INIST-CNRS, an open-archive containing bibliographic references to "grey literature" produced in Europe and of which the Library 'G. Marconi 'is the National Reference Centre for Italian Grey Literature. To the implementation of the repertoire of the Italian grey literature also collaborate certain structures and their representatives of the CNR scientific network.

The GreyGuide, the foremost portal and repository for resources in the field of grey literature. The GreyGuide seeks to capture proposed as well as published practices dealing with the supply and demand sides of grey literature. This initiative is undertaken by GreyNet International (content provider) and ISTI-CNR (service provider and system developer). The launch of the GreyGuide Repository took place in December 2013. And in 2014, the GreyGuide further developed as GreyNet’s web access portal. Both GreyNet International and ISTI-CNR are involved in the process of migrating web-based content to the GreyGuide as well as including new content. Collections in the GreyGuide Repository are now accessible via combined search and browse capability and their metadata as well as full-text content can be harvested online. The GreyGuide Portal is host to a wide range of shared documents, links to affiliate repositories, and other web-based content in the field of grey literature


Pallottino Library

Through this catalogue you can access the bibliographic records of books, journals and abstracts of the Pallottino Library, the assets of which belongs to the Central Library of the CNR. The Library is currently located in the Villa Poniatowski in Rome and is administered by the Archaeological Superintendence for Southern Etruria. Acquired in 1995 by the CNR, the collection is of great cultural value: books, periodicals, extracts and works collected by Massimo Pallottino during the course of seventy years, they form, as a whole, the richest library of private origin in pre-Roman Italy field of archaeological studies..


At the Library databases are available of the user online or on cd/dvd. Some online databases are also accessible via Biblioproxy, reserved for the staff of the CNR after authentication.

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