The loan is granted in favour of academics residing in Rome.

The card, which lasts one year, renewable, is released upon presentation of a document proving their status:

  • to employees of public administrations, although on unpaid leave or retired;
  • to members of professional associations;
  • employees to specialized industries and public and private research institutes;
  • to academics;
  • to university undergraduates, the card is released upon accreditation by the tutor.

The loan is daily; therefore users are required to return the volumes within h 18.30.

The CNR Staff is entitled to a term loan of 15 days (renewable after timely user's request, provided that the publication was not required by other users in the meantime).

It is not allowed a user to move the library material to another user without making the procedures provided for the loan. Those who borrow the works of the Library are personally responsible for their integrity and their conservation. It is absolutely forbidden to practice on texts underscores, underlines or annotations. In case of damage, the user is required to provide an intact copy to the Library of the same edition.

The Director may, for reasons of urgency, at any time require the immediate return of the loaning publications. The same person cannot be more than two, nor more than four volumes at a time.

Publications out of loan

1) bibliographical works of great value;

2) geographic, geological and  topographical maps, photographs, drawings, isolated tables and usually the material that requires a special preservation;

3) encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies and precious works placed in consultation rooms, the atlas, textbooks, treatises and publications frequently requested in reading;

4) journals.

In any case works not yet regularly catalogued and placed can be loaned.

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Biblioteca Centrale 'G. Marconi'

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