The Library has collaborated since 2012 with the Office of Networks and Information Systems of the CNR to the preparation of the People platform, which currently hosts the official archive of the CNR research products and is configured as a key component of the information system of the Organization.

It is intended to be integrated with the future institutional repository and already interoperable with Management Institutes, Management Products, CNR Web and Intranet.

The philosophy of People, and its double guarantee

- first, the autonomy archiving of publications by the authors (scientists / technologists and other staff CNR);

- then, the conformity assessment literature - by the librarians - and the scientific recognition of the same products - of the Directors of Institutes / Departments / Structures.

Who works on People

- Step 1 - At power of People essentially contribute directly the researchers / technologists of the CNR, which self-archiving their research products. ThisType text or a website address or translate a document.

This  implementation activities may also be performed by the institutes, according to internal arrangements peculiar to each of them, and under the responsibility of the Directors. The Institutes, in fact, treat the input and review of bibliographic records mainly for granting the institutional scientific production and presentation of periodic reports.

- Step 2 - The procedure of "assessment literature" - in which the Central Library and other libraries CNR cooperating activities play a vital role - allows the correct and reliable bibliographic records of the products featured in People for all activities administrative provisions of the CNR and for interfacing with various database management.

The validation, makes it possible to take action on any anomalies that occurred when typing the card, to complete or add identification data or bibliometric, to keep the data connected to the master data Authority (authors, structures, serial, publishers, banks data): a card permanently validated describes the editorial product in its entirety and optimizes for different possible uses in different institutional database. To maintenance bibliographic cooperate members Staff VQR (operators Areas and Institutes who have been contracted by the National Research Council to carry out the operations of validation data for the "VQR 2004-2010") and authorized operators by the Institutes to the implementation of the current the research products.

What does the Library Staff for People

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Insert as object "People"

Central Library Staff is responsible for:

- bibliographic maintenance (additions, corrections, updates) of records inserted in People by researchers / technologists or institutes;

- deletion of duplicate or bibliographically erroneous records;

- supply and maintenance of authority files of magazines / collections, Publishers, Databases.

The Library maintains frequent contacts with scientists / technologists and colleagues from libraries / institutes or other structures to answer questions or provide information on entering data and problems related to the management of descriptive records already entered. It is also responsible directly inserting records, if this is necessary for the purposes of the Organization activities related to the evaluation of the research.

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