Newsstand 2015

Italian Publishing Directory 2015

ISSN codes have been requested for more than six hundred new serial, including magazines, periodicals, collections, magazines, collectibles or other similar types of editorial products with start year: 2015.

This page shows the titles whose ISSN was finally validated, grouped by topics according to a scheme Dewey for macrodiscipline, adapted and simplified. For serials online edition is indicated directly the URL of the publication; for serials in print edition contains the Publisher's website (or, failing that, the promotional site of publication).

000 General works, computer science, media, and newspapers

100 Philosophy and Psychology

200 Religion and religious anthropology

300 Social Sciences, economics, law, and education

400 Language

500 Pure sciences, geo/life sciences

600 Technology and techniques (applied sciences, medicine), management

700 Arts, sports, entertainment and recreation

800 Literature

900 History and geography, local news

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