In case of malfunction of the electronic system, you can send the additional documentation requested by fax to 06 4993 2086.


Identification of the serial by ISSN:  The ISSN is assigned to the title of a serial publication, made ​​only in the form of 'key title' at the time the code and in this context the key code is closely associated with a precise ratio of uniqueness. The publication may change publisher, place of publication, periodicity, can be cited in different ways, but the same code will identify unequivocally the ISSN. The sections, sub-series of a serial or supplements that have their own numbering, or a serial published in different languages, ISSN are assigned different. The same serial published on different media (print, online, electronic, magnetic, etc..) will have a separate code for each edition ISSN on other media.

In order to correctly identify a serial publication should be found on it the following bibliographic data identifiers: the title indicated or the series of magazine, continuous in all issues; place of publication (ie: office publisher); name of publisher or intellectual responsible;  date of publication; periodicity or frequency of updating, or indication of numbers in sequence, or dating progressive of single issue. The data are to be found on the actual publication (the one for whose title is requested the ISSN code), and not only on the additional editorial components such as   dustjacket, blurbs or sheets / advertising posters, cardboard, envelopes, etc . It is also noted that specific "Mandatory data on printed" for magazines are provided in Law 47, February 8, 1948, art. 2.

Before requesting the code check that your editorial product falls within the types covered by the ISSN: Editorial types  to which does not apply the ISSN. After requesting the code remember to also read the instructions on the web page Fulfillments subsequent to the assignment of code - How to publish ISSN.

For a serial published on different physical supports (eg: paper, DVD, online) must be assigned different ISSN and be submitted separate requests for each physical support of publication.

Request for assignment for a serial already published

Request for assignment for a serial of  forthcoming publication (excluding the online ones)

Request for assignment for a ceased serial



As an alternative to the electronic system or in case of its malfunctioning [for example, in the case where to the applicant is not received within 24 hours from the  module an automatic email of first confirmation], online forms filled in each part, dated and signed, and all editorial documentation  indicated, can be sent by fax 06 4993 2086 mail, or by mail, to the address: National Research Council - Italian ISSN Centre, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7-00185 Rome. Fax +39 06 4993.2086. The communication to the applicant of the ISSN code assigned shall be effected with e-mail sent by the ISSN Centre within ten working days of receipt of the request, correct and complete in all its parts.

Fulfillments subsequent to the assignment of code - How to publish ISSN

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