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The ISSN code release is now a paid service, and will include a rate of 25 euros + 22% VAT (Total: 30.50 euros) for each ISSN code request. The modules currently available for the forwarding of ISSN requests will be available for free, without prejudice to the usual bibliographical and editorial requirements, up to and including 31 July. From 01 to 31 August the website of the ISSN Center will be in technical maintenance for the necessary updates, and therefore ISSN requests cannot be presented; the site will be available again starting from 02 September 2019.

The ISSN is the abbreviation of "International Standard Serial Number", or international normalized number of serial publications, including periodicals, magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, and monographic series. It identifies the publication and is of fundamental value for those seeking the information in the bibliographic catalogues for publishers and distributors. The ISO which established the system dates back to 1975, currently in force is ISO 3297:2007 Information and documentation - International standard serial number (ISSN), adopted by UNI Institution for Italian unification as UNI ISO 3297:2010 Information and documentation - internationally unified system for the numbering of serial publications (ISSN). The Italian ISSN Centre was established at the National Research Council in 1975, since 1 November 2005, the Centre works as part of the Central Library of the National Research Council, of which it is a service. The Italian ISSN Centre is the node of the International Network and, in accordance with the directives of the network, its mission is:

-          to identify serial publications published in Italy on any media, identifying - in accordance with the directives of the network - the bibliographic elements considered essential to identify international and verifying compliance with the requirements of the publications editorial and content required by the ISSN system for the issuance of the identification code;

-          to assign an ID number to publications ISSN comply, as indicated above;

-          to provide and manage the national database of ISSN, which forms part of the international database, transmitting real-time information to the International Centre with headquarters in Paris;

-          to control activities and maintenance of bibliographic data recorded, even after the issue of the identification code by implementing any corrective action (including the cancellation of the ISSN code released) if it is found that the publications are effectively surveyed do not meet the requirements demanded by the bibliographic ISSN system, or do not result corresponding to the characteristics of bibliographic and editorial declared by the person who made ​​the request of the code, or if it appears that the person who made the request of the ISSN has deliberately provided incorrect, misleading or false;

-          to promote generally the ISSN system and establish contacts with publishers and national bibliographic agencies.

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The ISSN Centre does not prepare or make barcodes.

Information about technical characteristics and bar code processing are available on the website of the international GS1, www.gs1.org.

For a serial published on different physical media (p.e.r .: paper, online) different ISSN must be assigned; separate requests must be submitted for each physical Publication support

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As an alternative to the electronic system or in case of its malfunction [for example, in the case where the applicant is not received within 24 hours of the module an automatic first confirmation mail], requests for information or communications may be sent by fax to 06 4993 2086, or by mail to the address:  National Research Council (CNR) - Italian ISSN Centre, Piazzale Aldo Moro 7 - 00185 Rome, Italy. It is however always necessary to report an email address to which the ISSN Centre can send the response.

To view the international cataloguing rules ISSN (ISSN Manual 2015, in English) click here



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