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The full list of official databases maintained by the EU institutions is available on the European Union portal where is offered a page that makes it easier to search for documents with the description of all available material. The site is organized into three sections to facilitate access to legislative acts, the activity reports, brochures, audiovisual documents, internal documents, and archives.

In this section of the site is presented a selection of official EU databases freely available online:

Thematic databases :which contains an alphabetical list of topics, edited by the Italian network of the EDC, of all Community databases available online.

CORDIS : Community research and development information service, which is an information space devoted to European research and development and technology transfer .

CURIA It is the legal database of the European Union. It contains judgments, conclusions and orders of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance.

Eur-lex: The portal offers direct and free access to European Union law. It is available in 23 official EU languages.

ECLAS: It is the integrated catalogue of all references of the collections that are on the network of European Commission libraries, called RéseauBiB. This network, coordinated by the Central Library, consists of about 25 smaller specialized libraries and documentation centres. ECLAS includes official EU publications documents of most international organizations, official, commercial or academic publications of the Member States and selected periodical articles of great interest. There are catalogued in particular publications concerning European integration, the political objectives and activities of the Union institutions as well as institutional structures, Member States' legal and socioeconomic as well as specialized publications useful to the various Directorates General of the Commission, such as text legal, scientific and technical, and bibliographic catalogue of the central library of the European Commission.

PreLex : It is the database of interinstitutional procedures that allows you to follow the major stages of the decision-making process between the Commission and the other institutions: the stage of the procedure, the decisions of the institutions, people's names, the responsible services, document references etc and to follow the work of the various institutions involved (European Parliament, Council, ESC, Committee of the regions European Central Bank, Court of Justice, etc..). PreLex follows all Commission proposals (legislative and budgetary dossiers, conclusions of international agreements) and the Commission communications from their transmission to the Council or the European Parliament.

Summaries of EU legislation (Scadplus) It shows the main aspects of the European Union (EU) legislation in a concise, easy to read and objective mode. The site contains approximately 3 000 summaries of European legislation divided into 32 thematic areas that represent the European Union's activities in the form of easily available information sheets.

Rapid  It contains all the press releases from the Commission. It also contains Press Releases of some of the other European institutions, in particular those of the Union. The Commission press releases are available at least in English and French, while many others are available in all EU languages.

At the Centre you can see a number of electronic databases and legal resources by appointment by calling 0649933486 or 0649933366:

Laws of Italy (Wolters Kluwer)It contains all the rules of national interest, excluding codes. Formulation of the current text, grouping by subject, Comment-law (since 1980). Possibility of full text search. Ability to access two separate CD-ROM, the historical archive containing all measures that have changed since 1989 and measures be repealed.

Italy codes (Wolters Kluwer)you can access the following date codes: Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, the Navigation Code, the Military Penal Code and Military Penal Code of War. The articles of the code are enriched by judicial commentary of all superior courts, organized for the table of contents.

Community and EU law (Wolters Kluwer)the database is reset every right European Union and not only that of the European Communities.

Hypertext digests (UTET) This contains the items taken from the Encyclopaedia Utet: Digest. Available the judgments of the High Courts since 1960 and merit since 1980. The proposed legislation is always available in the current version. The search can be done by item title, index, full text search, case law or legislative extremes.

Electronic library (Eurostat) Produced by Eur-Op it represents the offline version of the Eurostat site, with the ability to download more than 1400 Eurostat publications that the site you have to pay for.

The Italian Forum (Zanichelli)is the Cd version of the magazine “The Italian Forum" (founded in 1876 by Enrico Scialoja). Legal documentation available from 1987, ability to switch between extremes of judgments, to the complete text, notes, and under notes. Available free inquiry, dictionary, or index of topics.

Official Journal of the European Union (Eur-Op)

L + C since 1999: full text (pdf) of all Italian texts in the EU Official Journal, L + C series

S since 1997: full text (pdf) of all Italian texts in the EU Official Journal, S series

Debates of the European Parliament: complete version, in all EU languages, of the parliamentary debates since July 1999

Databasei GURITEL (State Institute of Printing and Minting)

OJ general series available electronically from 1988. (historic archive of legislative measures from 1948 to 1988)

OJ special series contests and exams in electronic format from 1988

OJ special series Regions

OJ special series European Communities

OJ special series Constitutional Court

OJ Part II

PLURIS law databases (UTET)collects administrative case law, on the merits, judgments and orders of the Constitutional Court with effect from 1 January 1956, the current texts of Community legislation and the European Union, the measures of the State from 1861 to the present, regional laws from all regions of Italy and provincial laws of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, the circulars issued since 1996 by the Prime Minister and all the Ministries, the REPERTORY  OF ITALIAN LAW, integral judgments of the civil Cassation and a wide selection of whole sentences of criminal Appeal, issued from 1995 to date. it is also possible to search for articles published in the most important journals published by CEDAM, Legal UTET and other important legal publishers such IPSOA.

The Central Library provides the ESO - European Sources Online database, produced by the European Documentation Centre (EDC) of Cardiff University with the collaboration of some Italian European Documentation Centres, including the European Documentation Centre of the Central Library. ESO contains thousands of web sites selected by experts, EU documents and publications and international organizations, national governments, think tanks, stakeholders, working papers. The references to academic papers and journal articles, in addition to the full text of articles from the Financial Times and by European Voice and specific information guides on the institutions of the EU countries are also available.

ESO is available at the European Documentation Centre using one of the terminals available to the public following the link http://www.europeansources.info/search.jsp;jsessionid=708043EA789F9ADC083881885750A611

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