The Central Library of the National Research Council is part of the working groups of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the National Agency for Standardization (UNI).

In particular, it participates in international forums, in the work of the Technical Committee 46: Information and Documentation and homology Commission UNI "Documentation and Information".  It completed and absolves the task of the of Chairmanship of the Subcommittee 9: "Presentation, identification and description of documents", which is the Italian counterpart of the ISO TC46/SC9.

In this context, the Library, for more than a decade, participates in the works aimed at the production, adoption and ratification of bibliographic standards in the field of "Identification and description of the documents." The standardization also provides representation at annual meetings, business meetings and conferences with participants from other member countries, as well as the organization of the work of Italian experts. These activities primarily intended to promote agreements at the international level, on common practices and technical specifications.

The Working Group "qualification of professions for the treatment of data and documents" published the following standards:

UNI 11535:2014, The librarian professional figure - Knowledge, skills and competence requirements

UNI 11536:2014, The archivist professional figure - Knowledge, skills and competence requirements

Bibliographic standards UNI-ISO edited by Subcommittee 9

UNI ISO 8: 2014, Presentation of periodicals

UNI ISO 27729:2013, International standard Identifier for names (ISNI)

UNI ISO 26324:2013, Digital object identification system (DOI) [in English]

UNI ISO 3297:2010, Unified international System for numbering of serial publications (ISSN)

UNI ISO 2108:2007, Unified international System for numbering of the books (ISBN)

UNI ISO 999:2005, Information and documentation. Guidelines for the content, organization and presentation of indexes

UNI ISO 690-2: 2004, Information and documentation. Bibliografic references. Part 2: Electronic documents or parts thereof

UNI ISO 2384:2001, Documentation. Presentation of translantion

The UNI makes freely their own rules at Territorial points UNI

For more information see the appropriate information page Points UNI

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