The Art. 3 of the Central Library Rules (approved by DPCM 7th October 1987 No. 475) entrusts the Central Library of the task of harmonizing the activities and services of the library system of the organization. For this purpose, on 19th January  2011, the Director General of the National Research Council established the Coordinating Committee for the permanent management of libraries CNR "with the aim of fostering coordination between the Central Library and the libraries of research facilities in order to ensure both the conservation, development, enhancement and integrated management of the entire bibliographic and documentary heritage and the CNR is to ensure access to information services and document both traditional and digital.

The Committee is composed of several library facilities spread across much of the country and is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach and the ability to provide specialized services in close connection with the various local entities.

The librarian system is based on high standards of effectiveness and efficiency of the services referred periodically checks the degree of user satisfaction.




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